Access your local files and folders on the web.

File System Access API

This extension adds iOS support for new web APIs that allow websites and webapps to access local files and folders.

Run rich web apps on iOS

Use to write code from your iPad or Photopea to edit images. This extension works on any website that supports File System Access APIs.

Built in security

iOS has a built in file system sandbox that File Picker participates in. That means no website can access any data you do not explicitly grant permission to open.

Supports streaming APIs

Legacy file access must preload the entire file in memory. Websites that use the new APIs along with File Picker extension can read files in chunks at arbitary offsets, saving memory and improving performance.

Atomic writes

As per the API specification, writes are only saved when the file is closed by the website. That means you will not lose data if your connection is lost while a file is opened.

Open folders

Supported websites can open local folders for reading and writing existing files as well as create new files.